Who We Are

Quiet Please Acoustics Pty Ltd. We are experts in acoustic solutions. We take pride in creating user friendly environments within spaces such as multi purpose halls, music rooms and classrooms and any other structure where echo and reverberation is presenting a problem.

Our Autex “quietspace” range is a visual 100% polyester acoustic insulation. With the wide range of colour choice enabling the client to have an input into designs and the overall asthetics. View our website for further detail of this state of the art high end product.

What We Do

Quiet Please Acoustics Pty Ltd has the ability to create and design an acoustic solution to suite our clients needs and vision with such things as printed images onto 25mm and 50mm panels, template designs (click here for EXAMPLE). Basically any idea E.G. interior design that comes to mind can be accomplished given time frames and our clients budgeting constraints. Any space can be acoustically treated whether it be retro fit outs or new buildings, spaces such as foyers classrooms, multi-purpose halls, administration offices and home and commercial media rooms are all spaces we have worked in and on in the past.

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Exposed Wall and Ceiling linings

Quiet Please Acoustics Pty Ltd top-quality decorative and acoustic wall coverings are made from non-woven, highly durable 100% polyester. Resistant to moisture, staining and UV fade, they’re easy to clean and will maintain their performance and good looks for many years. Our range includes 2mm thick wall vertiface fabric in an extensive colour range.

The products we use are an innovative range of high-performance acoustic control products made from recyclable 100% polyester. Using advanced fibre technology and processes that have a durable, good looking aspect that allows designers real creative freedom and still delivers highly effective noise reduction.

  • Quietspace® Acoustic Fabric is a durable 100% polyester acoustic wall lining that is both decorative and highly effective in reducing reverberated noise. It is composed of a soft non-woven polyester fabric upper, heat-bonded to a polyester backing at least 10mm thick. Quietspace Acoustic Fabric allows a designer to create attractive, quieter interiors for offices, meeting rooms, theatres, libraries, classrooms and other open spaces.
  • Highly effective reverberation control
  • Quietspace Acoustic Fabric was specially developed by Autex as a contemporary wall fabric that would also reduce reverberated noise in building interiors. Its excellent acoustic properties see it typically absorbing reverberated noise by around 40%, improving privacy, comfort and productivity in a wide range of workplaces. Quietspace Acoustic Fabric was a world first and has quickly become the market leader for cost-effective, environmentally-friendly reverberation control.
  • The eco-friendly acoustic wall lining
  • Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is made from a soft non-woven polyester upper, thermally bonded to a polyester acoustic backing. Its pure polyester construction makes it an environmentally-friendly alternative to acoustic products containing chemical binders and adhesives. Because Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is free from other materials, it can also be recycled at the end of its life.
  • Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is staple, pin and hook-and-loop receptive, so any wall surface can double as a notice board or display board without the creation of unsightly holes.
  • Design modular tiles and roll form
  • Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is available in roll form and as self-adhesive tiles. Available in more than 30 colours and a choice of velour and ribbed finishes, Quietspace Acoustic Fabric tiles allow a designer creative freedom with modular use of colour. The roll form is also ideally suited to the creation of custom cut-in designs.